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Democracy is about voting and it’s about a majority vote. And now it’s time that we started exercising the Democratic process but The first duty of a man and woman is to think for himself who to vote for, Be very careful to do one you are voting for choose a leader that he Deliver what you expect, choose a leader that can promote our society and the country at large, Do election peacefully and also make sure you did not engage in political violence. On this Election Day I wish each everyone Good luck.


When we do good, most of the time, we’re hoping to get some recognition and appreciation from others. But if we purify our intention and do something solely for the sake of the Almighty, the rewards are beyond our imagination. No matter how small the deed, He knows.


HAJIYA FARIDA MUSA JAURO During Closing program of Youth Employment that She organized @Song local government of Adamawa State for over Seven Hundred (700) man/Woman “ Youth can be the leaders of tomorrow if we procrastinate. Ain't no power like the power of youth cos the power of youth don't stop! If you must dream of the world you want to live in, dream out loud Youth are the solution not the problem in society if The have Good Training of hand skills acquisition not Depending Certificate, Parents, and Rich People just clean Your Heart Work Hard In sha Allah You will make it today or tomorrow “ thanks You